The largest projects of the Association of Charities of Ukraine:
“Green Book of the Ukrainian Charity” is an annual analytical and expert study of the state of Ukrainian charity in the past year (since 2012),. The experts conduct public consultations on how to develop philanthropy in Ukraine. The survey is professional and territorially representative, correctly representing the multitude of charity entities existing in the environment.
The introduction of interest-based philanthropy in Ukraine – since 2012, the Association of Charities of Ukraine conducts advocacy and lobbying campaigns, aimed at the introducing interest-based philanthropy in Ukraine. On its initiative, a working group was set up, which worked out a working version of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine for the Support of Non-Profit Organizations”, which would regulate the mechanisms of interest-based philanthropy.
National contest “Charitable Ukraine” is an annual all-Ukrainian competition for the celebration of the best philanthropists and the most effective charitable initiatives in Ukraine. The contest began its history from 2007, in the format of “Charitable Ukraine” – since 2012. More information about: NATIONAL COMPETITION CHARITABLE UKRAINE 2021.
Non-profit Ratings. The national rating "Charity Compass of Ukraine" is an open system of accounting for the activities of organizations, an opportunity to publicly confirm the transparency and accountability of activities and to show the effectiveness of work with the funds involved. Organizations involved in the "Charity Compass of Ukraine" rating, charitable organizations receive a "star" of trust from society for their further transparent and effective work, to increase public awareness of their activities and increase the financing of charitable projects. Our goal is to celebrate and inform society about public and effective Ukrainian practices of charitable activity.

Charity Compass of Ukraine rating aims to make impactful philanthropy easier for all by providing important information, ratings, and tools for donors and presenting charities with information that helps them operate more effectively. Charity Compass of Ukraine rating enables donors greater confidence in their giving decisions and highlights organizations doing important work throughout the world.
Our team
Board of Directors:
Management team
Chairman of the Board, President of the UA Fund, President of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Association of Charities of Ukraine”. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Competition “Charitable Ukraine”, Chairman of the Board Supervisory Council “NOVO Medical Center”.
Member of the Board, Vice President of the UA Fund. Head of the Ukrainian-Canadian joint venture in the form of the Limited Liability Company “Pharmacy G24”. Owner of the Veronika Family restaurant chain. Head of the Lviv regional public organization “Vector”. Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Ukraine.
US Office (N-Y). Member of the Board, Vice President of the UA Fund. Chair of the Board Ukrainian American Business and Professionals Association President & Founding Partner of People Wealth Matters, LLC.
Polish Office (Warsaw). Member of the Board. Chief Medical Adviser for Help Ukraine 22 – Operation Palynytsya. Doctor, medical Adviser.
US Office (N-Y). Member of the Board, Vice President of the UA Fund, Executive director of the UA Fund. Owner/Founder/CEO MK Studio1.
Polish Office (Warsaw). Executive Director of the UA Fund.
US Office (N-Y). Outreach Director of the UA Fund.
Ukraine Office (Lviv). Outreach Director, Association of Charities of Ukraine (department in Lviv).
Member of the Board, Vice President of the UA Fund, Executive Director of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). Chairman of the Board of the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation.
Ivana Lotoshynski
Tetiana Kovganych (Mefford)
Marina Krupitskaya
Mstyslav Maksymchuk
Sarah Dinhofer
Oksana Lysak
Our mission is to provide an effective platform for cooperation in humanitarian, cultural, economic, educational and social spheres.
We also serve as a platform for all organizations, businesses and NGOs who want to contribute to the development, recovery and rebuilt of Ukraine.
Our goal is to build effective partnerships between Ukraine, the EU and the United States to help Ukraine the implementation of the national recovery plan.
Peaceful, united, victorious and prosperous Ukraine, member of the EU and NATO,
with active and civil society.
Our Mission
Our Vision
Partners of Ukraine Assistance Fund
The Association of Charities of Ukraine combines over 50 institutions – all–Ukrainian and regional charitable organizations, NGOs, socially responsible businesses and individual philanthropists. Our mission is to improve the “philanthropic” climate in Ukraine, to institutionalize charity and giving in Ukraine, to make it a social norm and a part of every day life for every Ukrainian.

Each individual in Ukraine should understand that he/she is in the center of attention, he/she is the main personage, and much depends on his/her own contribution. Thousands of people and hundreds of organizations already share our point of view. They have already succeeded and want to help their country. We are deeply grateful to all working with us and supporting us. Our joint action is very important, because due to it Ukraine is getting better every day. We invite everyone sharing our goals and principles to support our Association. Together we can do more! God bless Ukraine! “Glory to Ukraine!”
NOVO Medical Center is one of the newest and most modern diagnostic and consulting medical institutions in our country. For 9 years our team has been perfecting and developing new original methods of diagnostics and treatment, based on advanced knowledge of the areas of medical science in the world. Since its opening on November, 2014, the NOVO Medical Center has reached considerable heights and gained noticeable authority in the medical circles of Ukraine and the world. Numerous medical seminars, international meetings and training of specialists take place at the center. The patients of the institution are not only residents of Lviv and Lviv region, but also the whole of Ukraine.
The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council was established in October 1995 to advance U.S. companies' trade and investment interests in Ukraine's significant emerging market, advocate for measures to improve conditions for bilateral trade and investment, and generally promote strong, friendly bilateral ties.

In support of its mission, the Council works closely with the full range of other organizations interested in supporting a growing commercial relationship between the United States and Ukraine.
The International Fund “Ukraine 3000” is a non-governmental charitable organization created in 2001. Main principles of the Fund activity are: openness, transparency, expediency, adequacy, efficiency, balanced position, predictability, and responsiveness of public opinion. These principles are outlined in the respective procedures and rules of the Fund. The basic decisions of the Fund are developed on the basis of consultations with experts and public representatives.

The Fund’s activities are symbolically subdivided into three directions – “Yesterday,” “Today,” and “Tomorrow” – that absolutely correspond to the main principle of understanding the vector and dynamics of Ukraine’s development, realizing that we are aiming and acting now to gain results in the future.
located in Lviv (Ukraine)
Center for Medical
Innovations (NOVO
Medical Center)
U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
International “Ukraine3000” Foundation
Center for Medical Innovations (NOVO Medical Center)
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