Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the NOVO Medical Center has provided free of charge about 1,000 consultations and diagnostic examinations for children and those who suffered as a result of russian aggression and needed professional medical assistance.

Almost 3,500 free examinations and 9 years of tireless work, including charitable work. The NOVO Medical Center has been working as a non-state and non-profit institution since its creation, which makes it a unique medical institution in Western Ukraine. After all, in addition to providing high-precision diagnostics and professional consultations, it implements many charitable programs. And since the start of the full-scale invasion, not only have we continued to do so, but we are even more helpful to those in need.

The NOVO Medical Center conducted almost 1,000 examinations free of charge for people affected by the war with the russian federation
Dear Friends, we are announcing the 16th competition to celebrate charitable initiatives of Ukraine - National Competition “Charitable Ukraine-2022”. The motto of this year's competition is "Charity to support Ukraine’s defense". For the ninth month of full-scale war, all of us are doing everything possible for our Victory, indomitability, help to those who need it most at this time.

This year, we have a lot of new challenges in all spheres of our country's life, which are closed by the efforts of volunteers, ʼbenefactors, benefactors and all caring citizens both in Ukraine and abroad. Aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, TRO, forced migrants, children, schools, culture or hospitals, all our donations are charity for the defense of our country, with the main goal of stopping and defeating the aggressor and defending our freedom and independence.

We are announcing the 16th competition to celebrate charitable initiatives of Ukraine - National Competition “Charitable Ukraine-2022”.

According to the results of the competition of the best philanthropists, volunteers and activists of the country, the most effective charity initiatives are presented with unique award – an amber "Angel of Goodness".

of the Competition:
1) popularization of philanthropy, activism and volunteering, their organizations and effective practices;
2) celebration of the best philanthropists, activists and volunteers, their organizations and effective practices, other groups and organizations that implemented significant charitable projects and events in Ukraine during the year;
3) communicating the best practices of charity;
4) popularization and involvement of a wide range of citizens to charity.

The application can be downloaded via the link (download application). The completed application must be sent by e-mail to the address: [email protected] by May 7, 2023 (inclusive). It is also advisable to add photos (no more than 5 pieces), links to information about the contest participant's charitable or volunteer activities posted on the Internet, publications, reviews, recommendations, etc., which better characterize the contest participant's activities.

"Angel of Goodness" is a ceramic sculpture of, decorated with amber sun stone , which is legally mined by the Association of Amber World in Rivne region. The award was created by Ukrainian artist dynasty of Kozaky family. Over the years the Contest has become a significant event in the public life of our country.

The purpose of the competition: the development of effective socially-oriented philanthropy and volunteering in Ukraine through public stimulation of the best philanthropists, activists and volunteers, their organizations and practices.

We’d like to introduce you to a new project Charity Ratings “Charity Compass of Ukraine”

“Charity Compass of Ukraine” is a public rating of charitable organizations that publish their annual tax reports and are present in the Internet space. The rating has been conducted since 2022. The rating of charitable organizations is an open system of evaluating their activities, an opportunity to publicly confirm their transparency and accountability, and to show the effectiveness of work with the funds involved. We dive deep to let you know how efficiently a charity will use your donation to fund the programs you want to support.
“Charity Compass of Ukraine”aims to make impactful philanthropy easier for all by providing important information, ratings, and tools for donors and presenting charities with information that helps them operate more effectively.
Thanks to the “Charity Compass of Ukraine”: Charity Ratings, charitable organizations receive a “star” of trust from society for their further transparent and effective work, increasing public awareness of their activities and the possibility of increasing the financing of charitable programs.

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A new project Charity Ratings “Charity Compass of Ukraine”
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