The projects of the Ukraine Assistance Fund in cooperation with All-Ukrainian charitable organization “Association of Charities of Ukraine”:
The goal of the program is to unite efforts and resources of the partners and philanthropists to help protect Ukraine from Russian aggressors and overcome humanitarian challenges related to hostilities. Available human resources and technological capabilities allow us and our partners to establish coordination and logistics connections to other NGOs, charities and communities all over Ukraine and US.

The idea of the program is to try to combine financial and humanitarian assistance capabilities of our partners, who have already expressed their desire to help us in different areas, so that this assistance becomes as effective as possible, efforts are not duplicated or overlapped, so that valuable resources are not diverted to something insignificant or secondary.

The key direction of this program is the search for financial and other aid to provide the Ukrainian military and civilian population with medicines, medical supplies, sanitary products, import of medical equipment for the restoration of destroyed health care facilities, etc. Our partners have already provided the first batches of such assistance, which were formed by them, based on their understanding of our needs.
Charity Help UA
Is the special program to support volunteers and families of volunteers who got injured and killed in the process of delivery of humanitarian aid. Unfortunately, there are too many of them now, and for them we introduced a special program called “Angels of Victory”.
Angels of Victory
Center for Medical Innovations (NOVO Medical Center) located in Lviv (Ukraine). We are providing medical care to people who have been caught up in, or have been forced to flee, the fighting. Our teams are providing medical diagnostic services and other medical services to internally displaced persons from areas of hostilities and other cities of Ukraine.

Also NOVO Medical Center coordinates medical supplies from Europe, their transportation into Ukraine, sorting in warehouse areas and delivery of targeted shipments for military and civilian areas to combat areas.

Delivery of medical equipment for the organization that provides medical services to IDPs settled in the Lviv and Lviv area. Novo Help program accepts donations for the purchasing of medications and other necessary humanitarian products in Europe and USA.
NovoHelp medical and humanitarian aid for Ukraine
Program and project, which is aimed at protection, study and popularization of particular artifacts of material and spiritual culture of people of Ukraine (art collections, Ukrainian artists and performers, history, national traditions and crafts, etc.). There is no future for a nation that learns no lessons from its history. Many times this thesis proved to be true for various historical periods. Therefore we must have a distinct perception of the fact that our past, present and future are the integral chain links of the universal line of existence.

Millions of ties link contemporary Ukraine with the spirit and roots of our nation, which was born thousands years ago, lived and developed through dozens of generations of our ancestors, and has now received the unique chance to find its destiny in the world.

The history and culture of people of Ukraine is an inexhaustible source of creative energy, a vital force which will help to overcome all obstacles arising on the way of the young state formation. At present the most crucial issue is to open this potential, transform it into the country's development source and to aim it at the Ukraine society benefit.

This project “Unique Ukraine” our Fund envisages its task in drawing wide public attention in the USA to the Ukraine's rich cultural heritage, popularization of Ukrainian art, history and culture of Ukraine. One of the main tasks in the progress of the spiritual revival of Ukraine and its integration into the European environment is development of various spheres of culture and art.
Unique Ukraine
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